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French Interior Styling

French Interior Styling


Do you ever close your eyes and imagine yourself living in a smart Parisian apartment in a stylish arrondissement with a tantalizing view of the Eiffel tower? Or perhaps you have a longing to live a relaxed Provencal life surrounded by faded florals and country earthenware listening to the sound of the Cicada’s through the shutters….


Whatever your style, let us guide you to recreating wonderful elements of French style within your own homes. This creative day will look at the architecture firstly and how this influences the overall style, we will then look at how to build a cohesive and uncontrived scheme that you can successfully bring in to your own homes.


The beautiful touches of France that we associate with French style will be looked at and these will include fabrics, furniture styles, art, accessories and how to bring it all together to create an effortlessly beautiful scheme. French culture will also be discussed, the lifestyle, traditions and how we can capture some of that for ourselves. Students will also be shown how to create lovely French distressed effects that can be used on furniture.


This is an innovative one day course which will inspire and excite all those who have a love of France and French interior styles. À Bientôt!




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