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Style Your Own Wedding

For Brides- Style Your Own Wedding


Do you dream of a floaty romantic summer wedding under a rose arbor or are your tastes more Pride & prejudice than that?


Perhaps a Boho wedding is your thing or a rustic barn dance affair… or perhaps you just don’t know!


There are brides who have conjured up mental images of their ideal wedding  since they were young but there are others who just don’t know where to start.


The wedding industry is throwing so many ideas at us that we have to be careful that we chose wisely and coherently to avoid an overload of opposing styles that on the day say more of ‘I don’t’ rather than ‘I Do!’


This one day relaxed course will guide you to finding your own style, a style that reflects your own dream of the perfect day and not one created for someone else. We will look at how to identify your style by looking at colour choices, venue characteristics and seasonal influences and most importantly of all the personalities of the happy couple.


Each student will create concept/style boards both electronic ones and physical mood boards that will help you to visualize your style; this will also be a useful tool in helping you communicate your ideas to florists, planners, caterers etc.…


We will look at how to use social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to our advantage rather than making us feel swamped with choice and look at how we can collate ideas that will help us to create a totally unique approach. As designers we aim to take you by the hand and whisper ‘be brave’….as we explore and create totally unique and breathtaking styles for your amazing wedding day.


A one-day course, all materials will be provided, students to bring an ipad or tablet if possible.


Tutor: Gill Grist

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